Friday, July 1, 2011

A Book Review - "The Declaration of Independents"

"The Declaration of Independents"
Authors: Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch

My Review
Today we are held hostage to antiquated politics from the eighteen century. Namely, the Democratic and Republican Parties. The older they get, the more they get to be more alike - except when they are running for office. So why are there just these two political parties anyway? Why do we continue to defend these two political parties as if they are the ONLY choice we have?

By now you must be aware that these two political parties divide up the spoils of their combined $6.4 Trillion annual rip-off that they extract from us the taxpayers. These two parties then create their policies and regulations that benefit only the well-connected groups who help finance their re-elections! That's what this political "system" is all about - Re-election! politicians don't care about YOU! They care about re-election! They'll do anything and help anybody who in-turn will help them back. One hand scratches the other. It's corruption at the highest levels.

Americans have watched that under both Republican and Democratic parties our politicians have borrowed and overspent America into the biggest deficit we have ever had in the history of the USA. We have both parties to blame (and ourselves for allowing it to happen).

However, more and more Americans are beginning to wake up and realize that there may be hope - if they beginning to get involved and pay attention for a change! This book describes a vision that can be held by young and old alike. It is a compelling manifesto containing libertarian ideals. it identifies today's villains and shows how you can do something about it. The books vision resonates with the Tea Party's ideals.

Pull-down a sample copy for Kindle at and see for yourself. You'll find their ideas fascinating and inspiring.

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