Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Alternate Universe

String Theory?
Do we live in a parallel universe? Is it possible that Obama came from another planet earth - just like ours? This maybe be possible according to String Theory - especially when THIS Obama says that 80% of Americans want him to raise taxes. They don't live on OUR planet earth. Maybe they live on HIS planet earth in the OTHER dimension. Actually String Theory says that there may be up to eleven dimensions all together! However, we just can't see all of them - yet!

String Theory would also explain why Obama's economic policies have failed so miserably here in this dimension. They would be doing just fine on HIS planet earth in the other "Progressive" dimension. However, String Theory does not explain how THIS version of Obama got to OUR earth. But all we DO know is that he's here now!

Poor guy, he must really be confused. Especially when he says that 80% of Americans support his BRAINY idea to raise taxes during our second Great Depression. It's probably quite different in the other dimension. It's in all likelihood a Big Government Utopia, ruled by "Monarch" Obama who always gets HIS way.

Unfortunately, on this planet earth, Americans are beginning to think that THIS Obama is in way over his head, because he just lies and doesn't make ANY sense. Sure, he's a nice guy, buy we don't need a doofus running the country. This version Obama keeps repeating failed policies and bailouts over and over again expecting to see different results. Maybe they worked in HIS dimension - but not here! Alas, he hasn't figured out that that approach doesn't work on this planet earth. Unfortunately for us, he has no other ideas on what to do to resolve our problems in the NON-Progressive planet.

Help Him Out
Unfortunately for us we didn't realize that THIS version Obama was here when he was running for office back in 2008. We weren't paying close attention to his words - especially when he said he wanted to "Fundamentally Change America." However, now we GET IT!

Literally, we can help Obama out! Let's help him out of the White House. We can do just that in the upcoming November 2012 elections! We can get OUR planet back on track.

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