Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Funding Ban Violated!

ACORN Gets Federal Money
In spite of a Congressional law prohibiting the Federal government giving ACORN and it's affiliates any government money, Obama's Health and Urban Development Department (HUD) has recently given ACORN $79,819 dollars. This VIOLATES the law of the land!

The group (Affordable Housing Subsidiaries of America) receiving the Federal money denies any connection with ACORN. However, it is ironically using the same tax identification number as ACORN used. What's even better, is that ACORN re-named most of its 216 separate affiliates. Why so many different organizations tied to ACORN? This makes following the paper trail harder and more confusing.

Smoke and Mirrors
This is nothing more than the re-naming of ACORN so that they can still receive Federal money. This group is performing political indoctrination and political agitation just like ACORN did despite Congress removing them from receiving taxpayer dollars says John Fund, author of "Elections. How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy." Congress has voted four times to halt government funding to ACORN - and yet it continues.

HUD's Hypocrisy
Remember that Obama himself worked for ACORN in the 1990s. He was a trainer and later a lawyer for ACORN. It's no wonder that his administration has a blind eye when it comes to funding ACORN ON THE SLY! Obama has a vested interest in ACORN!

This funding came from HUD and now ironically, HUD needs a bailout after giving cash to Obama's old buddies. This STINKS of political corruption!! This cannot be allowed to happen. We need a Congressional Committee like the Congressional Oversight Committee to investigate these allegations. This is the same ACORN program operating and receiving Federal money. If we do nothing, you can be assured that other ACORN affiliates will do the same illegal, underhanded techniques to apply for more government funding.

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