Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Eat Peas...

Face the Music
How long can we listen and believe the spin coming from the White House? Under President Obama we have spent $4 trillion dollars with his Stimulus. Look at what it got us. He has borrowed and spent more money than ANY President in our history. Things are worse now than before we wasted that money bailing-out unions, banks, and various other fiasco's!

Where Are the Jobs?
We were told by Obama that if we passed HIS Stimulus, our unemployment rate wouldn't go over 8%. Since HIS Stimulus, unemployment has gone higher and remained at around 9%! It even went over 10%. He lied! Plain and simple - he lied! The government also lies with the unemployment numbers because they do NOT include the people who have fallen off the books and are no longer counted. They also neglect to include the number of underemployed - those who have taken jobs for much less than their previous jobs in order to survive as best as possible. Is that FUZZY MATH again? The REAL unemployment figures are over 18%, but you don't see that published anywhere!

Good News - Bad News
The good news is that no American President has ever been re-elected with the unemployment rate above 7%. That's bad news for Obama and good for America! The bad news for Americans if that the average time to find a new jobs is now just over 40 weeks! So where are the jobs? Most are being created overseas!

Recognize Failure
Let's face reality. A 9.2% unemployment rate after all that spending represents a total failure of Obama's economic policies! They didn't fix anything. They made things worse. And Obama's solution? Raise taxes and borrow more by raising the debt ceiling. In other words: Keep doing the same thing. Isn't that the definition for INSANITY? Now Obama actually thinks that he can borrow without Congress. That may just trigger the impeachment process.

When All Is Said And Done
This guy has made a mess out of our economy. We need to dump Obama in 2012! He won't change, so we will change HIS job status to "unemployed."

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