Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good-Old-Boys Can't Cut It!

Good-Old-Boy Network
It seems that both sides of the aisle cannot find ways to cut spending. This says a lot about who we have representing us in the US Congress. They are part of the old-school borrow and spend politicians. In part, it explains the 18% approval rating for Congress. One side refuses to cut entitlements while the other side refuses to cut military spending. Neither can make the hard decisions that we hired them to do last November.

One Thing for Sure
It's almost certain that the old school politicians will probably end up raising the debt ceiling and OR TAXES! The main reason is that they do not have the intestinal fortitude to face the music and "eat their peas." It's imperative that YOU as a voter and taxpayer remember who voted in favor to do this. No, they would rather make promises to cut spending over the course of the next ten years when some of them won't even be in office. They will have retired and be cruising on a full salary with full benefits and full medical (NOT ObamaCare medical).

The Good-Old-Boys claim that the Tea Party movement is responsible for their lack of agreement. Not quite. The Tea Party wants government to live within their means and not borrow and spend America into the grave. It's always easier to blame someone else then to face reality. We have seen Obama continue to blame Bush over the last 30 months. This behavior will likely to continue through the election cycle. It's never their faults. The other guy did it.

Cut, Cap and Balance
How does increasing borrowing more money lead to spending less money? That's totally ILLOGICAL! It's more smoke and mirrors that postpones the problem over a ten year time frame. This is NO SOLUTION! This is also NOT the answer. It depends on promises being made today. A promise is a wish to a fool! We need hard, firm commitments today!

We need to STOP SPENDING AND reduce government entitlement programs. We need to cut military expenditures. We need to stop devaluing our money by printing it excessively - diluting its buying power and raising prices to exorbitant levels. We need to lower taxes and ensure that EVERYONE PAYS TAXES. No more freebies! We need to eliminate wasteful government programs that cannot show any reliable data to validate their continuation! Project Head Start is a perfect example. Why do these failed public programs continue to receive BILLIONS in funding?

Hell, if we can make a list of cuts, why can't our Representatives and Senators? If they can't cut it, then DUMP THEM in November!

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