Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama Committed a Crime in the WH

Obama Violated Federal Law
There is a law on the books that does not allow the uses of federal property to make political pitches or for fund raising events. However, this is exactly what Obama did with the help of the DNC in the White House. To be more exact, he video taped a political commercial in the Map Room. Using an official government office to conduct or solicit political contributions is AGAINST THE LAW!

Eric Holder Was Notified
Our Attorney General (Holder) was notified in writing and it appears that he has accepted the White House lame excuse that the Map Room is part of the "residence" making it a "perfect legal venue and that ample precedent exists for filming campaign materials on White House grounds." (The law makes it illegal to use ANY government property for this purpose).

Don't Expect Much
We already know that we can't expect much from Attorney General Holder. His past performance gives reason to believe that he will ignore these violations - just like he did when he dismissed the case against the Black Panthers caught on video tape harassing voters. He is also not cooperating with the Congressional investigation into the ILLEGAL sale of firearms to the Mexican Drug cartels. So with this attitude, why expect him to enforce the law?

What's Next?
Obama makes a mockery of the White House, the office of the Presidency, and his powers. So far, Holder is letting him get away with it. How about a raffle to raise money to lower the debt? Oh, that's right, Obama has NO PLAN - he just threatens to veto plans others create or punish senior, veterans, and the disabled. Isn't this video nothing more than selling access to the White House?

Why hasn't this been challenged and prosecuted? Why?

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