Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Not My Fault...

Can't Have It His Way...
Mr. Narcissist (Obama) isn't getting his way with the GOP House of Representatives. They won't give him more money to waste rewarding his friends like General Electric, and Wall Street. No, he's beginning to find out what it's like in the REAL WORLD! Why he may just have to stop spending and borrowing on August 3rd. This is unfortunate for all of us!

Get Ready for HIS Message
Get ready to hear the broken record: "I inherited this mess...", "It was caused by the previous administration...", "Hey, we're making progress, it just takes time."

We've heard it all before. Obama refuses to take any responsibility for any of HIS actions. Instead he points blame to wherever he can because it's never his fault. The economy is a prime example. After 30 months of Obama's policies, America is worse-off now than they were before he took over! And yet, he will not be responsible. His solution is to continue the same failed policies over and over.

Let's face it, we elected a guy who had never done a budget and then we gave him the biggest budget in the world. That's our fault for not hiring someone who was QUALIFIED for the office of President. Obama is NOT A LEADER!

Don't Expect Things To Get Better
If we do not raise the debt ceiling, don't expect that Obama will handle the situation with any degree of competence. He's already shown us that he is incapable. He has no plan for cutting spending. No, he wants to continue borrowing and spending just like he has the last 30 months in office. This is all he knows what to do. He's NOT a responsible person. Look what that's done to America! Things will only get worse. The one good thing is that it should make your decision a lot easier when the 2012 election rolls-around. If Congress forces the government to spend ONLY what it brings-in, times will become harder than they are now. Count on it! But what do we do until then?

Be Prepared
The Boy Scout's motto is "Be Prepared." Are You? It's a long way off to the November elections. Are you prepared for emergencies? Have you stocked-up on your food supply at home? Could you go more than a week without shopping? A month? Three months? How about first aid supplies? What about the basic essentials like soap or toilet paper? How will you communicate if your cell phone quit? Have you even thought about these things? Do you have a disaster survival plan? Have you discussed this with your family? Why not?

Could you help people who are NOT prepared? You had better! There will be many people who are not prepared and will need help. After Hurricane Katrina, we all learned that you cannot count on the government for disaster assistance. Just the opposite. The government actually used the National Guard to unlawfully disarm citizens from protecting their own property. We have to be self-reliant and not to expect to ever count on BIG Government to help. Are you ready? Think about it and take affirmative action. Get prepared for disaster. There is one looming in your near future! Don't be one of those individuals who is looking for a government handout! There won't be any!

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