Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No More False Promises

Tired of the Same-Old Same-Old?
Wait a minute! Congress is planning on raising the debt ceiling in yet another short-term arrangement in a last ditch effort to save America. This is the same old behavior we have seen from them in the past. No wonder a new poll shows Congressional approval at 6%! They still don't get it! Regardless of whatever they do, Standard and Poors has already indicated that they will down grade America's credit rating. That's not good for us.

However, neither party wants to make serious entitlement cuts for fear that they will not be re-elected. This is another good reason why term-limits should be imposed on Congress in addition to the Presidency. Well, at least they got that last part right! In either case, we won't re-elect them!

Obama's Idea
In a speech he gave over the weekend, Obama said that he'd like to "bypass Congress and change the laws on my own." That's spoken like a true dictator. In last night's speech Obama reiterated his old arguments that he inherited the economic problem from Bush and that we should tax the owners of corporate jets. This is getting quite tiresome to keep hearing the same blather over and over. Apparently, he's overlooking the fact that because of excessive government entitlements, 51% of Americans now do NOT pay any income taxes. Yes, you heard right - 51%

Why is this? Shouldn't everyone pay a fair share? Not according to Progressive philosophy. The central government should decide who pays and who doesn't. This allows for the re-distribution of wealth by the government to those who "deserve" it. These decisions are made by government officials who know better than you.

Is this America any longer? Those are not American values!

Action To Take
Call or write your representatives. Tell them NOT to raise the debt ceiling and to start cutting big government entitlements like welfare, farm subsidies, Project Head Start. It's time to start living within our means America.

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