Monday, July 25, 2011

What If No Deal?

Default Means Impeachment
Representative Steve King (R, Iowa) says that if Obama doesn't get a deal from Congress to raise the debt ceiling and he decides to default on our obligations, that's grounds for IMPEACHMENT. According to King, the USA does not have to default because we take-in enough revenue to cover our debt obligations each month.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors
Allowing the country to default to protect entitlements like welfare, IS grounds for impeachment. That would constitute a "High Crime" and or a "Misdemeanour". Obama should tread softly and think of the consequences of those actions before he decides to negate Congress again.

Two other Congressmen have mentioned the "I" word but for other reasons. Dennis Kucinich (D, OH) wanted to begin impeachment proceedings for Obama's ILLEGAL declaration of war when he began attacking Libya. However, he did not get enough backing from Congress to continue with the resolution. The other challenger for impeachment is from Congressman Tim Scott (R, SC) who stated that if Obama raised the debt ceiling without Congressional approval, Obama could/should be impeached.

The Bottom Line
Congress should NOT RAISE the debt ceiling. This action (or lack of) would force Congress and the President into cutting expenses immediately. ISN'T THIS WHAT WE WANT? No more bickering and fooling around. No more politicking. No more stonewalling or tabling legislation. No more Presidential threats against seniors and veterans. No more Washington games. Just reality! Imagine, Congress having to cut spending and live within their means. What a concept.

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