Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Can't Have it Both Ways...

The DEMs Want It Both Ways
Ironic that both political parties say that they want a balanced budget amendment. But when it actually comes time to vote for one, one political party is totally absent from the scene. The Democrats have now had two bills come to them from the House of Representatives that contained a balanced budget amendment. So what did the Democratically controlled US Senate do? They tabled both bills - effectively dumping them so they won't have to vote for them. By doing so, the DEM Progressives in the Senate don't have to go in the public record for voting AGAINST the balanced budget amendment. Instead, on camera, they look you in the face and LIE to you!

So Let's Get This Straight
The DEMs say that they would support a balanced budget amendment. However, when presented with just such legislation, they refuse - not once, but twice to even consider voting for it. Why? Because their vote would occur before the November elections. AHHHH! They do NOT want to have their negative (reject) vote recorded so it can be played back when they run for re-election in November.

What's This All About?
This isn't about the balanced budget amendment. This isn't about cutting spending, This isn't about eliminating entitlements. And most certainly this isn't about doing what's right for America. No, this is all about getting re-elected. Pretty selfish.

Both parties are guilty of playing politics. That's why they have been throwing the hot potato back and forth trying to make the other political party look like the bad guys. Look what it got us! No new legislation (yet) and no real serious cuts in Big Government spending.

On the Bright Side
There were 200 GOPs (Republicans) who voted AGAINST John Boehner's bill. He only won the vote by 8 GOPs! This means that half of the GOP House of Representatives voted the way Americans wanted them to vote. Look closely at who supported Boehner's bill to raise the debt ceiling. If these Representatives are in YOUR district, VOTE THEM OUT in November in favor for the TEA PARTY Candidates! Don't be fooled again. And OHIO, don't re-elect John Boehner because he's not on YOUR side. He still wants to raise the debt ceiling and allow Obama to continue his reckless spending and outrageous borrowing.

Action To Take
See how your representative voted on the Boehner bill. If they voted "YES" they don't deserve to remain representing you in Congress. Don't let the lying BASTARDS get away from it any longer!

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