Friday, September 23, 2011


Perry Is NOT a Friend of American Citizens
Last night Rick Perry (R, TX) made it clear that he rewards ILLEGALS and gives them free college tuition. Interesting...

Just how does he decide which groups of people to reward? What are HIS criteria? Why not reward African Americans with free college tuition? How about all Muslims? Why not reward all Jewish people with free tuition? Why just ILLEGALS? Just how did Perry decide that ILLEGALS deserved this entitlement which could be upwards of $100,000+ per ILLEGAL!

It doesn't matter really. What's important to know is that he gives preferences to ILLEGALS over AMERICAN citizens. That's DISGUSTING! If you disagree with his position he says "If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they've been brought there through no fault of their own, I don't think you have a heart." He's proud that he signed legislation in Texas that mirrors the "Dream Act" which is the first step towards amnesty.

Ex-DEM Looks Still Like a DEM
He also made it clear that he does NOT want to close the borders with a fence. So how is this position different from Obama's? It isn't!! These policies are identical!! In fact it's just like any state or city that considers itself a "sanctuary" state or city. It is exactly what Obama wants to do nationally! Forget American sovereignty, these people need to be educated.

Governor Perry, that's anti-American!

Perry Is NO Conservative
Once a Democrat, Perry's position on ILLEGAL Immigrants should put him out-of-the-running for the GOP nomination for President. We need someone who will close the borders, stop federal funding to sanctuary cities and states, not give AMNESTY to ILLEGALS, and stop giving entitlements to people who do not belong here!

It still sounds like Perry is STILL a Progressive Democrat - at least on this important issue. A vote for him is a vote for all of the above. This doesn't come close to the Tea Party position on immigration. Leave him in the dust and don't look back.

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