Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dump The Chump

Time for a Change!
It's getting hard to understand why about half of the USA still thinks that Obama is doing such a great job governing America - unless you're one of those receiving a government entitlement (Freebie). If you're one of those leaches, then it's clear why you would want to continue with Obama's re-distribution of wealth efforts.

The rest of us know all too well that nothing is free. That's because we are paying for it! So if you're looking for a good reason to vote Obama out-of-office in November, try this on for size. Gasoline prices are skyrocketing. It is being predicted that we will see gas prices top $5.00 per gallon by summer! The last time our gas prices went over $4.00 per gallon we entered a DEPRESSION and haven't recovered from it yet! Higher gas prices will keep the economy failing. Things will not be getting better any time sooner.

We have one guy to thank for that - Barack Hussein Obama!

Here are the reasons why gasoline prices are going up:
  • Obama shut-down all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico while he gave Brazil several BILLION so that they could drill off shore.

  • Obama has encouraged the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to "regulate" more restrictions on our coal generating electrical plants causing 13 of them to close this year!

  • Obama has refused to allow ANY drilling for natural gas.

  • Obama has refused to allow any drilling in ANWR (Arctic Refuge Drilling).

  • Obama has killed the Keystone Pipeline from Canada sending the Canadian government to make deals with China so they can get the oil!!

Isn't That Enough?
Rising gasoline prices affect everything in the country. Your cost of living will raise accordingly. Food, clothes, heating, and EVERYTHING will cost much more. This is a deliberate attempt by Obama to collapse the system! That's his plan!

We've got to vote him out-of-office in November.

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