Sunday, February 12, 2012

Americans, Wake Up!

King Obama
He speaks, and we bow! We do exactly what HE says - or else! President (DICTATOR) Obama actually believes that he has solved his self-inflicted problem of his vociferous attacks against religion.

He solves HIS problems with "New Policies." Does Obama ever read the Constitution? Apparently not! Where does it describe his authority to grant "New Policies?" It doesn't! As we said yesterday, this isn't about contraception. No, it's much more important than that. This administration is trying to destroy the First Amendment of the Constitution. Now that Obama got caught, he's trying to placate all the people that he pissed off. It's NOT working!

FACT: Once a bill is passed into law, the President has NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to change parts of the law just because HE wants to!!

What's Worse
We all know that nothing is free. Someone out there has to pay for what the government "gives away." The government does not earn ANY income - they take it and re-distribute it! In this case, that would be the 50+% of Americans who already PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE in taxes. The other 45% pay NOTHING! NOTHING!! Why is that? Why can't everyone pay their fair share? There's nothing fair about our taxation system.

The "New Policy"
Message to the President: You cannot legally make any "New Policies" out of legislation already signed into law! You have no authority to do this! This is why ObamaCare should be repealed! It's a terrible law!

AND: What law gives the President the right to assign the cost of his "New Policies" on the insurance companies? There's nothing in his job description regarding this. The President cannot tell private companies what to do or what to pay for! So why does HE think he can do it?

We all know that health insurers were the prime target of the Obama administration when they were trying to pass ObamaCare. Obama's "New Policy" does NOT allow insurers from increasing their premiums, co-pays, or deductibles in order to make up the new costs incrued. Once again, Obama is sticking it to whoever HE wants!

Dethrone the KING!
Our "President" is getting way too big for his britches. He is suffering from too many thoughts of grandeur. We MUST dethrone his highness in the November elections. America cannot afford four more years of this Fascist thinker!

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