Tuesday, June 19, 2012

High Crimes

Oath Of Office
Ignoring the law of the land is one thing, but ignoring your personal oath of office is another! When THE IMPERIAL RULER (Obama) took office, he swore under oath to protect and defend the laws of the land. DUH? Were his fingers crossed when he did so? Oh, that's right, he swore his oath on a Holy Bible!

In his own admission, IMPERIAL RULER Obama confessed that he had no authority to ignore the laws that Congress has established. So when he did JUST THAT on Friday last week, only Conservatives see a problem with Obama's newest "ruling."

Demand Impeachment
It's time to get off the sofa and make your feelings known in Washington. We all need to demand that Congress begin IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against IMPERIAL RULER Obama. (Or at least what HE thinks he is). Obama would rather DICTATE rather than legislate. He loves to circumvent Congress and do things HIS way - ignoring the Constitution, his oath, his job description, and the laws established by Congress.

No Joke
If Congress does not consider granting AMNESTY for tens of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS as a high crime, they should look at the fact that this VIOLATES federal law. That's a high crime!

It's almost sinful that only a few on Congress have the GUTS to stand up to this DICTATOR! If Congress fails to perform their oath's of office, then we should vote them ALL OUT-OF-OFFICE when they are up for re-election. Let them all know this. Let them know of your outrage that this "President" IMPERIAL RULER is a criminal and you want justice!

It's time to act. Act now and demand Justice be served on a President who's out-of-control!

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