Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama's Presidential Library

We know that Obama hasn't left office yet, but we think that he's probably giving some thought about his Presidential Library. Of course we don't know where it will be located, but several people have thought about its size.

Proposed Building
Some politicians in Minnesota have suggested some building plans for the Obama Presidential Library. Here is the proposed building:

Presidential Library

One Thing For Sure
We don't know where or what the Presidential Library will look like, but we have a good idea that it will be a rather small library.

Reason: The few documents that will be allowed in the library will either be redacted or censored following Obama's strict obedience to that of HIS version of a TRANSPARENT Government. So don't expect to see his college transcripts, berth certificate, lists of memberships to radical or socialistic political clubs. They won't be available.

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