Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Watergate 2012!

The situation regarding Attorney General Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious scandal is beginning to smell like rotten fish! It's becoming quite clear that one hand washes the other in this administration. Not only did Eric Holder lie to Congress, but when faced with Contempt of Congress charges for failure to cooperate, President THE GREAT IMPERIAL RULER KING Barack Hussein Obama comes to the rescue to protect Holder and perhaps HIMSELF as well! At the last minute, just before Congress issued a Contempt citation against Holder, Obama used presidential power to suppress the details being sought by Congress. Coincidence? HARDLY! If you don't believe that something's rotten in the White House, you'd better look again!

The President has just issued "Executive Privilege" over the remaining thousands of pages of Fast and Furious documents the Congress wants to see. He has banned the release of the documents requested by the Congressional investigators. Why?  That looks like a cover-up. It smells like a cover-up. And, it probably IS a cover-up.

Who's Being Protected?
Eric Holder has been protecting himself AND his boss in the Fast and Furious scandal and now his boss (KING OBAMA) is protecting Eric Holder. How convenient. The fact that Obama will not allow Congress to investigate Fast and Furious any further places a huge amount of suspicion on the President himself. Just how deeply involved is HE in Fast and Furious? Is he trying to save himself because he's so deeply involved in the scandal? We think that this is a strong possibility. Obama's actions show it! We already know that Obama and Holder are good friends. So what's Obama's REAL motivation in not releasing these documents? What is HE trying to cover it up? What's he got to hide? Who is he trying to protect here? This is a major scandal and we have a right to know the facts. 

For that reason alone the American public deserves to know the REAL truth behind what's being withheld from the Congressional investigation. It's time to DEMAND  an independent investigator take over with full access to all documents. We need to know whether President Obama has dirty hands in this scandal.

Another Abuse of Power
On Friday last week, Obama decided all by himself, who can become "legal" workers and stay "legally" in America and compete for American jobs. It was a unilateral decision. There was no discussion, no deliberation, no nothing! He usurped the powers of Congress and violated the US Constitution. In his own words a year ago, Obama said that Executive Directives could never be used this way because they violate the Constitution. These actions indicate that he knowingly broke the immigration laws, violated the Constitution, and boldly overstepped his powers, and that he does not care!

Now it appears that Obama is deeply involved in a huge scandal that could rock his very Presidency. Americans should demand that Obama face IMPEACHMENT charges for his blatant and flagrant abuse of Presidential Powers.

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