Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Improvement

Your Project
Suppose you inherit a house that is in dis-repair and needs a lot of serious work to get it up to present day standards and building codes for comfortable, safe living once again. You know that you are NOT qualified to do this work.

You also know that you only have a limited about of cash that you can spend and time is of the essence. This house is really in bad shape and you need desperately to find someone you can trust who will restore it to a usable structure.

I Can Fix It
So you talk to a contractor who says that he can fundamentally transform your house into a place that everyone would enjoy. You don't know much (if anything), about him, but he's a smooth talker. He's a pleasant enough fellow that claims he's the man for the job.

He says that he can do all of the work in just four weeks. He also says it won't be easy, but you have to have faith and hope in him because he's not like the "other contractors" who do things the same old way. No, this guy will deliver a change you can believe in!

The Green Light
So you hire the contractor and he begins to work on your house. In the beginning, things seem OK. Then he hires a lot of sub-contractors to perform various parts of the job you never knew existed or were needed. There are now many, many more people working for the new contractor than you ever imagined. His work crew is becoming enormous, but things are progressing very slowly - if at all.

Skipping Out
You stop by the house one day to see how he's making progress to discover that there are no people working at all on your house! You call the contractor and after 5 tries, several day later, you run into your contractor at the local golf course! He tries to avoid talking to you but, you persist and you learn that the workmen have either gone hunting, or they are working on another "emergency" job. Apparently a friend of his needed a bailout, and so your guy came to the rescue. But he says "not to worry, we will be back in no time." He tells you that his friend was "too big to fail." Meanwhile, your job suffers and suffers.

Checking Up
After that experience, you stop by the house more often unanounced. You discover that your house has several families of ILLEGAL ALIENS living there after the workmen depart at the end of the day. Your contractor explains that they are "Undocumented Guest Workers" and that they really aren't living there! It's just a temporary situation anyway - not to worry.

After a short while you notice that he's taking a few short-cuts on workmanship. Many of the repairs are not completed or done poorly. Things he said would get fixed - DON'T. You're spending money and the work isn't being done at all.

Your contractor explains that he inherited this mess from some other guy and that it's not his fault. He also explains that it will cost a lot more because the problems were worse than he thought. He wants four more weeks and more money to be able to fix the job. Don't blame him because he's doing the best he can with what he's got.

Never-Ending Story
So how much longer would you put-up with this liar? He's stealing your money, using his workers on other jobs, and not doing what he contractually promised to deliver. And now he's asking for four more weeks, and promising more fixes that never happen.

That's the Obama Story folks. Isn't it time to wake-up and get rid of his failed policies and destructive practices?

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