Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama's Amnesty Program

Presidential Directive
Using the Written Presidential Directive ploy, President Obama has just disobeyed our immigration laws in the stroke of a pen. Once again, Obama "thinks" that he can sign into law whatever he wants. He REALLY IS a DICTATOR at heart! So why doesn't anyone on Congress have the guts enough to challenge his abuse of his office?

We need to challenge his abuse of writing Presidential Directives because he's doing so to circumvent Congress altogether. He is establishing the precedent that will forever change our government from being one of three branches to that of only ONE branch! Meanwhile, Americans just sit-back and watch with their mouths shut. Where's the outrage?

Reason for the Amnesty
Although Obama said that this act was NOT amnesty, if you look at what it does and the rights granted, this IS AMNESTY! It allows Millions of ILLEGALS to participate in the American job market. Obama just stopped enforcing immigration laws on the books with HIS new "Policy." He has directed the government to ignore the law and grant work permits to young ILLEGALS who came here as children. (They are STILL here ILLEGALLY).

Now, ILLEGALS can compete against American citizens for jobs they couldn't before Obama decided that they could! Just like the Wizard of OZ, don't look at the man behind the curtain. Obama says that amnesty is not amnesty and not to worry! He says the lie enough times and people believe the lie as the "truth." This shows how gullible the general public is when it comes to the world's greatest LIAR in office.

The ONLY reason for this blatant abuse of the Presidential Office is to get more votes from the Latino community! This man will do ANYTHING for votes.

Message to Working Class Voters
Don't you think that things here in this economy are bad enough? Do you actually believe that this is a good thing that will help the economy? What about the few jobs that ARE valuable for Americans? Obama just made them more scarce!

The President has totally disobeyed the law of the land and no one seems to care about it. No one seems to think that this act may be a breach of the Presidential office.

Is America doomed? If this keeps up, yes, it is! If we give this guy four more years in the White House, we won't recognize this country! He is doing his best to fulfill his campaign promise to "fundamentally transform America."

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