Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Crisis IS STILL Coming!

Get Your Head Out Of The Sand America
Do you read the paper? Do you watch TV? Do you listen to the radio?

What do you hear America? President Obama is telling you that things are going well in the private sector. Yeah, everything's "hunky dory"! We can believe him because he's the President! Well, the President part is true.

Stop and Look
Wait a minute! Do you believe everything you hear coming from the Corrupt Media? From the White House? OK, then take a look at the headlines printed in the Wall Street Journal the last two days:
  • US Banks Brace for Downgrade
  • For Better Dividend Opportunities, Look Overseas 
  • Obama Urges Europe To Act Swiftly In Debt
  • Bail Out Pressure Mounts for Spain
  • Global Weakness, Stronger Dollar Threaten US Exports
  • Money Funds Assent Decline
  • As Banks Retreat, Bonds Appeal
  • Best Buy Founder Jumps Ship
  • Chesapeake Faces Costly Cuts
  • Asian Companies Now Prefer Bonds
  • Passengers In India Get Rocky For Funds
  • Dollar Deemed a Lesser Evil
  • Europe's Vulnerable East Braces for Possible Greece Exit
  • French Extremists Parties Tap Anti-Austerity Wave
  • Europe pursues Tighter Borders
  • Welfare Payments Spur Japan Debate
  • China Fund Retreats from Euro Zone
  • Stock Investors Pause; Will Central-Bank Help Be Enough?
  • Jobless Rates Jump in France and Greece
  • Faltering Recovery Steps Up Pressure on Central Banks
  • Housing Agency to Sell More Troubled Loans
  • Stock Rally Snags on Gloom
  • Pressure Mounts in Spain to Request a Bailout
Get The Message Yet?
If you can read, you should be able to understand the headlines. You don't have to be an economist to realize that things are NOT GOOD in the world. The economy SUCKS! These headlines are NOT good news for America or the world's economy. Unless you are a moron, the message is becoming quite clear. There is a world-wide financial crisis coming. It has NOT been diverted. It IS still coming. Exactly when, we don't know. One thing for sure, it's heading our way and there's no stopping it. It's all there in black and white!

Have you ever seen things THIS BAD in your life? That's a big hint! Are they getting better or worse?

Are You Prepared?
Have you given ANY thought about it? What are you waiting for? Have you a plan? Do you know how you will protect you and your family when the "XHIT HITS THE FAN" (SHTF)?

Take Warning: You'd better start thinking about it. Big Government has NOT addressed our national debt and we are going down fast - just like the Titanic! National debt is mushrooming radically.

Slowly but surely, the USA is collapsing. Obama is doing his best to help that process with his anti-fossil fuel, no drill, anti-business policies. He's over-regulating everything and cutting our military, weakening America one step at a time.

Get a plan for you and your family. Know what you will do and how you will survive an economic collapse. Know what you will do and where you will go when there is Marshal Law. Your survival depends on it!

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