Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Good Reason To Dump ObamaCare

Hidden Taxes
We all know that the SOTUS ruled that it's OK for Congress to tax us in ObamaCare. Yes, we also know that the penalty tax will only affect a small percentage of Americans. SO what's the big deal anyway?

It is estimated that ObamaCare adds as many as 21 new taxes to middle income families over the course of three or four years. The one tax that should get everyone's attention is the subject for today's blog.

Property Sales Tax
ObamaCare creates a new national sales tax beginning in 2013. Why 2013? Because that's after the elections. DUH? Politicians in Washington aren't stupid, they are sneaky. They know that if you find out that they voted for ObamaCare and it raised your taxes, they probably wouldn't be getting your support any longer.

Isn't it ironic that the Corrupt Media has failed to report on this?

Now this national sales tax isn't on everything. No, far from it. The Democrats are just raising taxes by mere 3.8% on the sale of all homes starting in 2013. Surprise! That translates to $3,800 dollars for every $100,000 dollars your house is worth. Here's what it means in real dollars:

Home Sells For          Government Collects            You Keep
$150,000                     $5,700                                   $144,300
$200,000  $7,600                                   $192,400
$250,000  $9,500                                   $240,500
$300,000  $11,400                                 $288,600
$350,000  $13,300                                 $336,700
$400,000                   $15,200                                 $384,800

Gee, that looks fair now doesn't it? Why didn't your local members of Congress tell you about this tax? They didn't read the bill and probably didn't care anyway because you re-elected them in 2012.

This tax unfairly burdens seniors citizens who typically down-size their homes when they retire. They also have already taken a $500,000 BILLION dollar hit from MediCare to pay for the new members in ObamaCare. What's another 3.8% anyway?

Action To Take
If ANY of your representatives voted in favor of ObamaCare, you need to vote them out-of-office. You especially need to elect a Republican for the US Senate in order to repeal ObamaCare. The only way ObamaCare can be repealed is to have a majority in the Senate ANY the House of Representatives. (That's how the Democrats were able to jam it down your throats in the first place).

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