Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lying Again

He's Still At It
Obama is campaigning around the country and bragging about the "economic recovery" that doesn't exist. There are a few places where there may be some felt recovery (like Ohio). This is because Ohio is dependent  on the auto industry and Obama is indirectly responsible for GM selling its cars. You see, Obama has directed all government departments that buy cars, to skip the bidding process and just purchase GM cars and trucks instead.

He ignores the fact that GM's stock has dropped since the Obama government take-over. Instead Obama paints a pretty picture of America's "growing" economy.

The Truth
However, the facts are that 44 of the "57" states have just experienced another drop in employment last month (July). This is in stark contrast to the message being delivered from the pulpit on Obama's campaign trail.

In other words, Obama is LYING over and over again and unfortunately, like Saul Alinsky postulated: "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it." This has to be the Only reason why there are so many people who still BELIEVE Obama. Americans aren't stupid.

A Ray of Hope
More and more people are waking-up to what they hear coming from Obama's lips does NOT sync with reality. More and more Americans are feeling the pain that OBAMA has created - not his predecessor. More Americans are feeling the joblessness that Obama has created with his regulations, take-overs, lack of drilling and other failed policies. To put it another way:

If we re-elect Obama, just look at the terrible economic recession he has "INHERITED."

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