Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Better Off Now

DEMs Mantra
The Democrats are spouting-off that Americans are "better off" now than before Obama took office. They claim that Obama saved us all from "Armageddon" by bailing-out the auto companies, his union buddies, the Green Industry (Solyndra to name one), the financial industry, and HIS friends over seas. They claim that Obama stopped high the jobless rates. Their excuse for today's present condition is that it's taking longer than Obama expected because the problem was so bad. They are ignoring the 24 MILLION people who want to work but cannot because there are no jobs!

Skirting Around The Issue
These arguments skirt around the question that's on everybody's mind: Are you better-off now after Obama's policies, takeovers, and new regulations have been in effect? All Democratic pundits are stumbling to answer that question. They know that the economy is in the toilet and that American families are suffering. They just can't admit it because that would be admitting failure and Obama wants to be re-elected. He wants four more years so he can continue with his destructive process of destroying America's middle class. So the DEMs are out there "spinning" their lies telling us everything except the answer to the question. Don't accept that behavior. Make them answer THE question.

Questions That Beg Answers
Here are just a few questions that the Democrats should be asked:
  • Is is true that average household incomes fell from $54, 983 in January 2009 to $50, 964 today?
  • Isn't it true that unemployment was 7.8% in January 2009 and has remained over 8% for 42 months (today = 8.3%)?
  • Wasn't the price of gasoline $1.84 in January 2009 and now averages over $3.82 per gallon? (More than doubled)
  • Wasn't the national debt ceiling $10.6 TRILLION in January 2009 and today broke $16 TRILLION? (Obama has spent & borrowed $1.6 TRILLION)
  • Why is it 20% more expensive now to manufacture here in America than before Obama took office?
  • Why has Obama allowed "Quantitative Easing" (QE1 & QE2) to devalue American's personal savings accounts by over 39%
  • How does any of this make things better for us? Nothing is "fixed."
The DNC Convention
You won't hear the answers to any of those questions at the DNC convention this week. They will re-direct focus away from the REAL ISSUES onto something that will try to deflect your attention. Don't be suckered into buying their LIES!

We need to DEMAND ANSWERS from those who put us in this situation. HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE - starting with the empty chair in the White House.

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