Saturday, September 8, 2012


Just because you're a nice guy doesn't mean that you are qualified for any given position. Obama is the perfect example. He's a very likable person with a nice family. In the eyes of the average American, this is as good as apple pie and John Wayne. However, when it comes to running the country, these factors are NOT good qualifications. In fact, they should have very little to do when considering whether a person gets a job or not. Our Founding Fathers knew this when they drafted the Constitution. In it, they established the Electoral College, for electing the President of the United States instead of popular vote.

Al Gore Example
In 2000, Al Gore missed getting elected as the president because of the Electoral College. Gore won the popular vote by a few hundred votes in a very close election. However, he did not receive the necessary majority of votes from the Electoral College of 270. Thus, he fell short and lost the bid for the White House.

Since that time Gore has been a proponent for amending the US Constitution and making popular vote the means to elect the President. So far his initiatives have fallen short.

Obama's Position
Obama is still a very popular President. The following graph indicates it:

However, when you analyze the data, you can see that his approval rating is far below his popularity. Americans do NOT believe that he is doing a good job as the President.

Questions To Ask
If you performed below your employers expectations, would you still be working for that employer? If you ignored deadlines by giving lame excuses, would your boss accept them? If you were told to do something and then did something else because YOU wanted to, would your employer be happy with that? If you were mandated to work with a group of individuals to perform your duties and then you totally circumvented working with them altogether, would your boss fire you?

These are the exact same things that Obama has been doing for the past 3 1/2 years as President. Why should we (Obama's employer) put up with this behavior? He totally ignores HIS job description and re-writes his duties and powers on a regular basis. He has broken the Laws of the Land and totally ignored working with Congress.

 His performance review STINKS! Isn't it time to FIRE HIM ONCE AND FOR ALL?

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