Thursday, September 6, 2012

Land of the Free

America is Divided
Many Americans are beginning to wonder what's happening to America as we knew it. This just isn't the same old country we grew up in or know. Why is this? How has it changed and why?

Be honest and look around you. We are divided like never before. We are being told that the rich don't pay their "fair share" and yet, half of us don't even pay a thing. No one ever mentions that! How can this be fair? Go figure that logic! Shouldn't everyone pay something to be fair? How do those who don't pay justify not paying? Is there ANY justification at all? Why do Americans allow this to continue?

We Belong To Government
Now we are being told that we all belong to government. It doesn't matter what church, club, or association we belong to no, we belong to Big Government instead. You can feel the big arm of government wrapping around your shoulder. Come closer comrade, we will protect you and your family like never before.

American Values
We no longer strive for American values. You don't have to work, because the government will pay you not to work. If you can't pay your mortgage, you won't have to loose your home because the government will pay it for you. If you can't afford a new car, the government will give you money in the form of "Cash For Clunkers" so you can get that new car. We all need the government to look after our health care so it's OK for the government to decide what treatments you can get and which ones you can't. We don't want to pollute the planet, but it's OK if we send our money and technology to other foreign countries so they can. We don't have enough jobs for 23 MILLION people out-of-work, but it's OK to leave our borders wide open so illiterates can come here ILLEGALLY and take low paying jobs and go on our welfare system.

We ignore that the Federal Reserve Bank is autonomous and it's owners remain a secret. They are held accountable to no one and so they print and digitize worthless money out of thin air. Isn't this a great PONZIE SCHEME? This in-turn devalues our money and makes food, gasoline, and all commodities cost more making day-to-day life more expensive for everyone. Meanwhile, we are told that "things are getting better and it's taking longer than we expected."

Our Presidents get impeached, loose their law licenses, have scandals, ignore the law of the land, ignore Congress, start wars on their own, spend and borrow money we don't have, and they are all treated with respect and dignity. No one ever challenges their violations out of fear. There is no outrage from the citizens of America. Corruption promotes more of the same behavior and we tolerate it. Citizens don't have time to be bothered with politics or the loss of freedoms. What's happened to us?

Act or Die
Is it REALLY THAT BAD? You bet, and if we continue along this path, America as we know it will die. We have seen these changes speed-up under this President, but they have been here all the while. In a way we can thank Obama for bringing it to our attention under his administration. He is literally transforming America into HIS vision. Do we even know what that is? Have you ever bothered to ask? Do you even care? Look around, do you believe that things are better now than they were four years ago?

Don't Be Naive
Even if we elect Romney, you are in for a disappointment. He can't fix America in his term in office. This will take YEARS and YEARS. The damage is severe and it's our own fault. We have allowed politicians to steal our liberties and LIE to us without any recourse for their dishonest behaviors. Americans have looked the other way too long.

If you care about your country, you need to do something. Get active. Find the time to help your country. Start by voting Obama out-of-office to slow down America's disintegration.

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