Friday, September 14, 2012

Old Line Has New Meaning

Oliver and Hardy
"That's another fine mess you've gotten us into Ollie." (A quote from early Oliver and Hardy comedy movies). It seems that this line can be applied to President Obama's foreign policy appeasement strategy. The only thing to change is "Barry" for the name "Ollie."

Just think, after all those sincere apologies to all those Muslim countries on Obama's Apology Tour, and we still get no respect. Maybe we should just turn the other cheek until IRAN gets nuclear weapons and snuffs-out a couple of US cities. Then we can threaten to actually do something. Oh wait a minute, we forgot that it took several days before Obama did ANYTHING during the Gulf Oil Crisis! This is just typical behavior even though this time it's much more serious. Perhaps the Terrorists should have killed more Americans than just four! Maybe that would have jolted Obama into action and got him away from the campaign trail. Too late now! Oh, that's right, they're NOT terrorists.

Ron Paul Revisited
Yesterday we wrote about Ron Paul's foreign policies being in the White House. Hate to say we told you so! This is what happens when you elect a Community Organizer and not a leader in the White House. No, we were swayed by the "diversity" crap that liberals pontificate. Well, we've got it and look at the mess he's gotten us into this time. Our mistake, but we can fix it in November.

Really Cares
It's becomes quite clear just how much Obama real cares about foreign policy. His number one priority is campaigning (that's for sure!). If you believe for a minute that Obama cares about the Middle East situation, remember he's the guy who helped create it! He gave full support to the "Arab Spring" and compared it to our American Revolution. This thinking was naive at best - especially now that we see the results of Obama's contributions of our military forces to Libya and elsewhere. He supported radical Muslims in the take-over in Libya. How's that working out for him now? It's made the world much more dangerous for ALL Americans. Thanks Obama!

Hope and Pray
Let's pray that Obama doesn't plunge America into World War III because of his INCOMPETENCE! We need a strong leader in the White House, and he's already demonstrated that he's not it!

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