Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ron Paul IS In The White House

People became aware of Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX) when he was running for president during the Republican Debates. The main thing that made him stand-out from the rest of the crowd was his position on foreign policy. Ron Paul was severely criticized because he believes that IRAN should not be stopped from developing nuclear technology. This scared the CRAP out of Americans in general.

However, when it comes to most other things, Ron Paul is right on because he supports small government and more freedom. He also supports less war, and less regulations. This alone wasn't enough to carry him very far in his pursuit for the presidency.

Americans need to realize that when it comes to foreign policies, we already have Ron Paul in the White House. Think about it.

President Obama's positions on IRAN are IDENTICAL to Ron Paul. Obama refuses to do anything to stop Iran from developing nuclear technology that we all believe is going to be nuclear weapons and not energy. Obama has distanced himself from Israel who used to be our closest ally in the Middle East.

So why hasn't anyone realized this yet? Current Logic: It's wrong and bad for Ron Paul's foreign policy to ignore Iran but it's OK for Obama. DUH? Where's the difference?

Time Running Out
If Americans don't figure it out soon, they will live to regret it. Another four years with Obama as President will destroy our country and YOUR lifestyle. We can only hope and pray that God will intervene (again) and save America like he did for the Founders.

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