Saturday, September 15, 2012

While the Middle East Explodes - Obama Talks

We see how bad ObamaNomics is affecting our daily lives. We ARE NOT BETTER OFF TODAY because of it. This is Obama's failed economic policy. He cannot blame anyone for HIS failures any longer. He has repeatedly increased spending, done more borrowing, and allowed more free handouts and bailouts - and look where we are today. ZILCH!

Obama Doctrine
And now Obama's confusing passive approach of leading from behind in foreign affairs has turned-out to be a dismal failure. We spent millions of dollars bombing the Hell out of Libya supporting the "Arab Spring" and in-turn, their new government allowed four American diplomats to be killed and the embassy destroyed. These are acts of war and Obama is too busy on the campaign trail to stop and take firm action. He's more interested in saving HIS job than he is protecting American people. Obama has lost focus. When Israel's Netanyahu wanted a meeting to discuss the situation, Obama was too busy campaigning. It's like he WANTS the Middle East to Explode or he just doesn't care! Worse yet, he doesn't know what to do.

More Attacks
Americans are becoming more skeptical of Obama's dealings in foreign affairs because more US Embassies are under attack and he does nothing. Instead Obama blathers that he is using all the tools at his convenience to deal with the situation. REALLY? Obama's diplomacy parallels that of a child. He reminds us of Neville Chamberlain's naive policies to appease the Nazis in WWII. You don't tell a long-time ally that they are NOT an ally - but they are also NOT an enemy. What the Hell kind of signal does this send to Egypt? Obama says that he "… won't tolerate efforts to harm Americans," but his inactions tell the world otherwise.

Scary Place
Our President has put us in a scary place. Americans are not safer under HIS policies both economic and foreign. Whether it is deliberate or not, this is a dangerous situation and Americans everywhere are at a risk. He keeps on bungling matters and making things worse.


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