Monday, October 22, 2012

Down To The Wire

It's Almost Over
We are fast approaching the end of the Presidential election cycle. The fate of America is in the hands of the registered voters. So how will it turn-out? Will we continue towards becoming a Socialist country or will we revert back to American values? Unfortunately, it's too close to call. The TV ads and negative attacks are almost over.

Where We Stand
It seems that America is truly divided. About half of Americans actually contribute their fair share by paying federal taxes. Meanwhile, Obama postulates that the rich are the bad guys and should pay more. He's contributing to the division of America by making the "victims" feel like they deserve more and pay less. It's really amazing that the other half of the country actually believes that it's OK NOT to pay their Fair Share and not pay any federal income taxes. That just isn't the American way!

United We Stand...
Obama will be known as the Great Divider. He rightly has earned this title. He has worked hard to split America. He has pitted the various classes, races, and cultural groups against one another. The old adage holds true: "United we stand, divided we fall." Meaning: Once we are divided, it will be easy to collapse America into another's vision. In this case, it's Obama's vision of what America should become - not ours! It' NOT a Pretty perspective for those of us who love America and the Founding Father's vision of what America should become.

History in The Making
This election will go down as the turning point in American history. It is a grave time in the survival of American values and American traditions. Those of us who value the things that America was founded on need to vote and get all like-minded to vote also. Turn-out at the polls is critical in such a close election. We must stop the destruction of our country and your vote is the way to do it.

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