Thursday, October 25, 2012

Waking Up

Americans are waking up. Even if you don't believe the polls, they all show that Romney is surging ahead of POTUS. This is a good sign that our country may be close to being put in the hands of someone who isn't deliberately trying to destroy it.

No Fan
If you're no big fan of Romney, you should be able to figure out that he knows his stuff about jobs creation. Unlike Obama (a community organizer), Romney actually has hands-on business experience.

It's always a choice of the two evils. Maybe someday we will have Presidential choices that are better than today's. But when you look at them, there's a simple choice. Do you really like the direction that America is heading under Obama? Has he kept even half of his promises? Can you really afford four more years of the same behavior?

Not Excited
Like me, many are NOT excited with Romney. He's part of the Good-Old-Boy network. However, he can and will get the economy back on track unlike POTUS. Romney doesn't want to destroy America.

The choice is clear.

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