Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fair Share

Is It You?
Are you one of those people who's not paying their fair share? You're not paying enough in federal taxes. You need to pay much more - this includes the middle class. We already seen what this policy has done here in America. The average family has lost $4,500 in their income. Their savings have been diminished by 35%. Obama isn't just attacking the rich, he's going after the middle class as well.

What Does It Mean?
Paying your fair share means that 47% of Americans don't have to pay anything. However, they ARE eligible to collect FREE STUFF. Why work when the government pays you for 99 weeks not to work? Why bother to look for a job? Obama encourages this behavior.

47 Million Americans are now on food stamps. We should put Obama's picture on food stamps. He wants more of us to have dependency on them. This is the Obama Plan. He wants to redistribute POVERTY. One out of every six Americans is now in poverty. Obama wants to INCREASE that number and he needs four more years to do so.

Obama's Strategy
Obama will diminish America's military power. He's weakening our country and will continue to do so. This is why our enemies are getting bolder and attacking our embassies. Obama projected weakness and continues to do it. Terrorism will never go away using this tactic. It will get worse and come to America just like it said on 9/11.

Four more years of Obama's policies, lack of drilling,  and regulations will destroy the coal industry and cause energy prices to "skyrocket." Gasoline will continue to rise and become unaffordable for the average citizen. We cannot afford to continue along with these policies.

This is the deliberate and systematic dismantling of America. It's time to stop watching and time to do something. We need to vote-out the guy who's in charge.

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