Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Was a Test

Are You Ready?
Are you still one of those who don't believe that a natural (or man-made disaster) can't happen to you? Unfortunately for millions along the eastern seaboard, they found out the hard way.

Sandy Isn't Over
Unfortunately, this crazy storm they call "Sandy" isn't over yet. Millions are still without power. Obama's suggestion to those who need BIG Government help is to go online and use the Internet to get help from FEMA. SERIOUSLY? That's Obama's great advice for those millions who discovered that their cell phones don't work during a disaster because of over usage and massive power outages?

Were you one of those unfortunate people? We certainly hope not, and we pray for those who are stuck in the middle of the storm area. (We narrowly escaped just ahead of it). It may take weeks/months to recover from this Hurricane/super storm.

Bottom Line
Dial 911 and die. You heard right, if you count on the government, you may be in for a BIG surprise. Namely, you may discover that their emergency services are overloaded and unable to give you ANY help. What this means is that YOU have to be self-sufficient during a disaster!

Odd concept for many, but not if you are a survivor and not a government entitlement receiver. Please learn from this disaster. If you managed to avoid it, GREAT. If not, what have you learned? Did you heed the warnings? Were you prepared to live without any intervention for a week or longer? Did you have food, water, lights, and first aid supplies? We you able to help those who needed assistance? Did you get-out of Dodge before the storm came?

Wise Up
Learn from this experience. Prepare for disasters. Don't wait for BIG government to come to your rescue.

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