Thursday, November 1, 2012

BEWARE: Electronic Voting Machines

Voter Fraud?
Several states who use the electronic voting machines are reporting "irregularities" (a nice word for VOTER FRAUD) in early voting. Funny things have been happening in Ohio, Kansas, and North Carolina. (And we're sure more states will follow suit).

Many voters have reported that they selected "Romney" and when they doubled-back for a re-check, the machines were showing that they had selected "Obama" instead!

Morale of the story: DOUBLE CHECK YOUR RECORDED VOTE BEFORE CLICKING OK! REPORT this "irregularity" to the voting poll workers and to the media. Early voting is being tampered with and we should all know about it.

This is a euphemism for VOTER FRAUD. You can expect a lot of it because many of these voting machines were never fully tested or state certified. They are easy to hack and tampered with as studies have shown.

Ask yourself one question: Why would ALL electronic voting machines change JUST Romney votes to Obama votes? It never happens the other way around. Coincidence? REALLY? Are you THAT stupid? This is a blatant attempt to rig the Presidential elections.

Double check your voting selections before you give your final approval. You may discover that you are being fleeced out-of-your-vote. Report these situations to the media and the POLICE!

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