Saturday, November 3, 2012

Down To The Wire

So Here We Are
We are now down to the wire in the Presidential election. It's really a mystery as to both how and why it remains such a close race. Or at least, that's what the polls are showing. If you ask people what the most important issue is, the majority answer that the ECONOMY is the most important issue.


The Economy
We have over 23 MILLION people out of work or severely underemployed. 50% of all college graduates cannot find work and have to move back in with their parents. Our official government unemployment number for October is 7.9% - up from last month and HIGHER that before Obama took office. In fact, it was over 8% for 43 months! Obama HAS created jobs but, food stamp recipients have grown 75% faster than job creation - creating a huge gap. Gasoline prices have doubled in the last four years causing increases in just about all commodities - especially food and heating. Energy prices have also "skyrocketed" as Obama said they would under his proposed policies.

The list goes on and on and on…

Why So Close?
I'm not a big fan of Romney but he has the qualifications to get our economy back on track. At least he's NOT a Community Organizer with no executive experience. We already see what Obama has delivered and it is a BIG disappointment.

People in ALL economic classes are suffering under President Obama's regulations, policies, Executive Directives, and financial take-overs. So why is the race a tie? If the main issue is the economy, Obama has failed to live-up to his word.

The REAL Answer
Why do half of the people STILL support Obama? It's NOT the economy! That's a false assumption! Big Government gives-out freebies to almost 50% of America! 47% of ALL Americans do NOT pay ANY federal taxes. Too many families are receiving some sort of federal benefits.

The 50% of Americans who support Obama, are afraid they will loose their entitlements!

Sad, but true!

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