Monday, November 12, 2012

More Probability of Fraud

Statistically Impossible 
When you look at the election results in Ohio, there is a good reason to suspect foul play in the Presidential election. Here's why…

What's the likely hood that Romney would not receive one vote in 59 precincts in Cleveland? That's just physically IMPOSSIBLE! Probability would tell you that he would have to receive at least some votes. The odds of NOT receiving ANY votes is astronomical. But that's exactly what happened!

This fact strains the validity of this election results in Cleveland, Ohio!

What's also ironic is the fact that early voting in this same area showed what officials called voting "irregularities." We have discussed these anomalies before. It was reported in several "Swing States" that electronic voting machines were changing the votes for Romney to Obama. Local state officials said that things were under control. REALLY?

Demand Investigations
We should demand that these "irregularities" all be investigated - including the actual voting machines themselves. This evidence points to a STRONG possibility of election fraud and perhaps a FIXED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

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