Sunday, November 11, 2012

What If?

Close Race
So what if you're the President and you have a bad record on the economy? How could you win a tight political race? First, you would smear the daylights out of your opponent. If that didn't work, what else could you do to win to stay in office?

Fix The Election
This is so obviously impossible to do that no one even considers it. But wait just a minute. Take a closer look at this possibility. Computer experts agree that it only takes about 100 lines of computer code to rig the electronic voting machines to switch candidate votes. If well written, this code would self-destruct after the tallies are taken leaving no trace of the tampering. Thus, committing the perfect crime of "fixing" the election.

In a tight election like the one we just had, you don't need to tamper with all the machines in all 50 states. The only machines you need to "fix" are in 4-5 key states with the highest number of Electoral Votes. These states are the so-called "Swing States." That makes throwing the election easier and more plausible.

Step Back a Minute
Do you recall reports surfacing during the early voting in several Swing States describing voting "irregularities?" As a matter of fact, there were problems reported in OH, NC, NV, VA, and even PA.

Early voters were complaining that when they double-checked their ballots just before casting their vote, the machines had changed a "Romney" vote to "Obama." Were these "Irregularities" just that? If they were an accident, why were all the lopsided votes ALL being cast for just Obama? Why were they only being reported in the Swing States? Coincidence? Why weren't those voting machines investigated? How secure are electronic machines from tampering?

Recall Minnesota
A while back, there was an election recall in Minnesota. Incumbent Norm Coleman (R, MN) was running against Al Franken (comedian). Franken called for a recounting of the votes because Coleman had won by just 725 votes.

Frankin immediately asked billionaire George Soros for financial help along with the Democratic Party. Strangely, during the recount, the people counting were finding ballots everywhere  - all for Frankin. They found 300 ballots in the trunk of one of the poll workers. Oddly enough, they were all cast for Al Frankin!

243 people in MN were tried and convicted for voter fraud in THAT election alone. In the end, Frankin only won by 312 votes. This election still smells of rampant voter fraud.

Can't Happen
So if it possibly happened in the state of Minnesota, why couldn't it happen elsewhere? With a billionaire like Soros, money to fund such a project is not a problem. All you have to do is to "Contaminate" the voting machines in the Swing States and thus, Obama wins re-election.

Think about it. It IS possible - especially in a tight race. Unfortunately, we will never know.

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