Thursday, November 15, 2012

Petitions to Secede

Think First
If you are one of the many that are NOT happy with the possible fraudulent Presidential election results (and there are many), you'd better think before you act. All 50 states have now initiated petitions to secede from the United States peacefully. Well over 700,000 citizens have stepped forward and signed these petitions. (25,000 signatures are needed before the federal government will consider each petition validated). About 8-9 states have reached this goal.

At first glance this may seem to be a great idea. However, when you look closely, it may be a very BAD idea. The federal government is the host for all the petitions for seceding. In order to participate in signing these various state petitions you need to REGISTER with the hosting web site. That's the same government with whom you are displeased.

Pause and Reflect
Ok, you're mad and want to sign that petition. Are you ready to fill-in the registration form that is required to take action AGAINST the government? Is it a wise thing to announce to the very government who you have disdain for that YOU want to un-join from the union? After all, you're giving the government you name, address, phone number and other personal information - all in the "innocent" guise of "registration." Do you trust that the government will "understand" how you feel? Is there any chance that the government would NOT be happy with you?

Don't you think that the government will want to know who all their enemies are and where they all live? Isn't that the underlying purpose for all forms of registration? Governments use registration procedures to keep track of people, firearms, and various political activities. Are you sure you want the government to know without any doubt, that you are one of their antagonists? Seriously, isn't that just like shooting yourself in the foot? Doesn't that inflict personal damage to you and your family? Maybe.

What If
There probably won't be any repercussions for your registering. This is - after all still America! However, if there are unforeseen "changes" in the government, this information is in their databases. If the government does not take too kindly to "agitators" or "disgruntled citizens" this could be used to seek you and your family out for government interventions.

Ask yourself: Do you like the direction that the government is heading? Do you want to draw strong attention to you and your family by the government? Do you have the necessary resources to take-on the government by yourself? Aren't there other ways to relieve the negativity that you feel without endangering yourself?

Channel your efforts in a less self-destructive way. Become active in a Libertarian or Tea Party Movement in your local community. Write a blog. Become politically active. Use your energy in a positive direction. Don't put government focus on YOU!

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