Saturday, January 12, 2013

Executive Directives Are NOT Laws

Article I, Section I
The Constitution clearly gives Congress ALL legislative powers - NOT the President. In fact, neither the President or the courts have any legislative powers. The Executive branch (the President) has the responsibility to execute the laws passed by Congress - even if he doesn't like them.

Ask This
Then why is it that President Obama thinks he can circumvent Congress by changing government regulations or by writing Executive Directives? Legally, he can't. However, no one in Congress has bothered to challenge the President for violating the laws of the land! Why is this?

The President cannot unilaterally impose a "law" on the people - but he does! For example, Obama has overridden Congress by forcing HIS new "interpretations" of immigration laws. He ignores the parts he doesn't like (allowing ILLEGALS to enter) and adds the "Dream Act" (rewarding ILLEGALS who are here) without ANY valid Congressional approval or authorization.

Ban Guns
In order for Obama to legally be able to enact a gun ban by an Executive Directive, he would have to receive "permission" or authorization from Congress. This hasn't happened. So far no Congressional authority enacted has granted the President such powers.

Action To Take
If, and when Obama decides to "enact" a "Presidential Executive Directive" banning or restricting firearms in ANY WAY, just tell him to go to HELL.

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