Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Stand Together
The Founding Fathers didn't pull it off by themselves. Enough citizens were sick and tired of being abused, taxed, and cheated by their government. The people didn't want WAR. Who ever does? The American Revolutionary War took years before it had effect. May people died and suffered as a consequence. Americans were united for a cause.

However, Americans today have lost sight that it's their responsibility in a Republic to keep an eye on their government. They have no cause and are NOT united. If they don't take responsibility soon , it can easily turn against them. Unfortunately, this is where we are now. Today's Americans, just don't seem to get it. Their freedoms are being lost, and their liberties too. But they are just too busy to notice or they just don't care.

Collapse Coming
America grew from nothing to become one of the greatest FREE countries in world history (and the strongest). Like all "empires" if you don't work at it, you will be defeated. This time, our enemies are within. They don't go around killing people one at a time, no they chip-away at our freedoms instead. This has been gong on for over 100 years (again-read history). Without realizing it, we are loosing to our enemies because they never give up and we never fight back. How do you think that will turn out in the end? If you do nothing, you will live to regret it. Your children will not know what freedom is and have to suffer.

Just Do It
America is doomed if its citizens never care and take some action. The powers to be will become just that! They will literally enslave you if you let them. You can't wait for the other guy to do it for you. This is YOUR country and it's YOUR responsibility to defend it when it's being attacked. It's time to take action. Get out there and become politically active. You future depends on what you do or don't do today.

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