Thursday, January 10, 2013

VP Warns the NRA

Gun Action Meeting
Vice President Joe Biden met with representatives of the Nation Rifle Association (NRA) and WalMart to discuss Washington's "urgent need" for "gun action." Biden stated that he was aware that the administration is "mindful" of the political realities of any new restrictive anti-gun legislation. In other words, Obama knows that there will be some "resistance" to the idea. DAMN RIGHT THERE'S GOING TO BE RESISTANCE! That's when Biden warned the NRA that Obama was even considering HIS OWN executive action against guns.

Read The Constitution
Obama had better read the Bill of Rights AND the Constitution. Apparently he forgot the part about the right to bear arms. AND, there is NOTHING in either documents that give the President the lawful right to MODIFY or NULLIFY the Constitution on his own through "executive actions." This would be a GIANT overstep of Presidential powers and lawful gun owners should be OUTRAGED!

Action To Take
Don't let the President TRAMPLE OVER YOUR RIGHTS! Notify your Congressional representatives (even if they IGNORE YOU - like ours does [Senator Kay Hagen D, NC]) that you will NOT tolerate the President overstepping his Presidential powers as granted in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Get all like-minded people to do the same.

And, start thinking about a Plan B, just in case.

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