Saturday, March 30, 2013

Computer Fraud & Abuse Act

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act  (CFAA) was originally created in 1984 to stop hacking into financial institutions and the government. Since its inception it has been amended seven times.

In its current form many lawyers believe that it can be regarded as "Expansive" and "Sweeping" because the government can incarcerate just about anyone that they want for some pretty stupid reasons. The 2013 version of the law expands the numbers of ways you can be found guilty of committing "violations" while increasing the maximum sentences for these crimes.

One of the new violation expansions includes making it a felony to lie about your age on an online dating profile. Likewise it's a felony if you accidentally "violate the terms of agreement" (which none ever reads) on a government website. Gee, this really sounds like a felony now doesn't it?

The Bottom Line
You need to start paying close attention to what YOUR government is doing to YOUR freedoms. They are dissolving them a piece at a time right in front of you. Soon, it will be too late to stop them let alone make them rescind these ridiculous laws that can be used in an abusive way against anyone they don't like.

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