Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Plan B

Ok, we've been writing on Twitter for over four years. The numbers of like-minded thinkers is growing. The numbers of followers shows that. The "Awakening Movement": is growing. Americans across the country are becoming aware that this President is NOT looking out for their interests. He's leading the country into un-American places. He is GRABBING more powers than the Constitution allows him.

Obama's ideology is NOT what true "Americans" want or need. They understand what Obama meant when he said "We're five days away from fundamentally changing America." They now know that the message is BAD for American freedoms and American values. It does NOT represent their values or their ideology. They are getting sick and tired of going in the wrong direction and want to change that. So what's next?

We need to organize into a cohesive group with a united voice. Right now we are scattered across the landscape. We are a large number of people who have Conservative values and want to protect them. Meanwhile, Vice President tries to ISOLATE us by referring to anyone who defends the 2nd Amendment as the "Black Helicopter Crowd." It's hard to respect your government when they send messages like that.

We need to bring Twitter association together in order to be heard and felt as a "power" that represents the majority of citizens of this great country.

We need to have our "organized voice" heard across the nation. We are the silent majority. We saw the rise of the Tea Party. It is still a force to be reckoned with. We are desperately looking for a strong leader. People are really anxious and are now eyeing Doctor Benjamin Carson as a perspective for the office of President. Who ever it is, we need to supper the grass root candidate.

The Republican Party no longer represents Conservatives. Many agree because their voting records support these changes.

We need help! We need a single voice. Who's going to step up and lead?

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