Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time for Answers

When a citizen stockpiles a food supply of more than one week of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says that they are a potential "Terrorist." Anyone who considers themselves as a "Prepper" is a danger to their neighbors and to society - including the government. When a citizen defends the 2nd Amendment, Vice President Biden refers to them as the "Black Helicopter Crowd." But when 15 different Congressmen ask DHS why it is buying BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, 1,700 fully automatic assault rifles with large capacity magazines, and the purchase of 2,700 armored TANKS, they have no response.

You heard right. The Department of Homeland Security denies that they are "stockpiling" any ammunition, weapons, or anti-personnel vehicles. In fact, Janet Napolitano (DHS Director), refuses to answer to anyone in Congress or the media. The purchase of unprecedented quantities of munitions is greater than ANY government agency - even our own MILITARY! Their demands for these purchases have created shortages of all kinds of munitions - NOT just for civilians, but for police departments across the USA. Ammo shortages are national - not local!

Why does DHS need all these weapons? Why are they denying stockpiling? Who's directing these activities? What are they preparing for? Will these weapons be used AGAINST Civilians? Are they creating a NEW POLICE FORCE?

DHS LOGIC: It's OK to stockpile, weapons, tanks, ammo, food by the government, but it's a sign of TERRORISM for civilians to do it!

What are we supposed to think? We see the government's activity and denials, and we are supposed to TRUST THEM?

As for the STATIST Media, you can already guess their stance on this issue - WHAT ISSUE? They protect this administration even though the facts are clear. Obama is creating some sort of ARMY other than the US military. There could very well be a government conspiracy going on in front of everyone's eyes. The government remains SILENT and denies any "conspiracy" ideas as "foolish."

Demand answers. This build-up of weapons may just be the tip of the iceberg!

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