Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Cover-Up?

Saudi Arabian Deported
What isn't the government telling us about the Patriot Day bombings? Yesterday President Obama had an unscheduled meeting with Saudi Arabia's foreign minister. Next thing we see is that the "man of interest" who was previously investigated by the FBI is now being deported by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The reason stated is because of "national security grounds." This was the 20 year old Saudi college student who ran away from the bombing scene and had suffered burns. He lived in Revere, Massachusetts. Now all of a sudden, he's being deported.

This smells fishy! What gives here? Our usual behavior with the Saudis is that we NEVER arrest their citizens when they have committed a crime, we merely deport them. We do this so as not to "embarrass" the Saudi government. Anyone affiliated with the Saudi government here in the USA always gets the "get-out-of-jail-treatment." So is that the case in this situation? One may come to that conclusion.

Did we just let one of the bomb perpetrators leave the country so Saudi Arabia can save face? Is the Obama administration committing ANOTHER COVER-UP like Benghazi?

We DEMAND ANSWERS from President Obama this time. We DEMAND to know if this is what exactly happened. What involvement did the Saudi have with the bombing? Why did we deport him?

Action To Take
Bostonians and Americans all across the nation, start pressuring the White House for these answers. We will NOT tolerate ANOTHER government cover-up like Benghazi!

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