Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Was No Accident

No Envoy Sent
Just to clarify for the record. President Obama did NOT represent the United States government in any way at the funeral of Margret Thatcher in Great Britain. He lacks class because he HATES the UK with a passion. So he sent no envoy to represent one of our biggest allies. This was a deliberate act to show his disrespect for Great Britain.

Recall that Obama also insulted Great Britain by returning a bust of Winston Churchill. That was a gift to the President from them and he insulted them with its return. Obama blames Great Britain for being a colonial power and wants to give them retribution for their colonial actions. Obama also believes (from his childhood teachings) that the United States is/was a colonial power that took natural resources from under-developed countries so that the US could prosper. He also HATES America for being a colonial power.

Why do you think Obama continues to borrow, spend, and waste taxpayer money? He's trying to bring-down the American economy to punish us for our past deeds. He wants to reduce the middle class and make us more like  third-world country. He's reducing our military power as well as our nuclear arsenal. Obama cares little about improving America. Quite the contrary. So far, he's been quite successful. Look at the unemployment numbers, the measly GDP growth, and sheer numbers of Americans on food stamps. Our military cuts are literally destroying them too. These are a result of Obama's Collapse Plan.

So when we see him insult one of the few friendly countries in the world, it should be no surprise once you understand Obama.

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