Saturday, April 20, 2013

False Confidence

So much for the war on terror is dead. In Obama's State of the Union speech, he declared that he was "confident" that HE was achieving the goal in defeating Al-Qaeda. He claimed that his efforts had defeated them an that only "remnants" were left - giving Americans the false sense that it was over.

Obama was WRONG. His assessment proved that on Monday this week at the Boston Marathon. Terrorism is BACK on the streets here in America. There were two known perpetrators who bombed Boston. Both are/were Muslims. Ironic, but there seems to be a pattern evolving. Since 2001, the attacks against Americans have all been by Muslims. Just saying, there seems to be a pattern.

Hindsight says that Obama should never have cut DHS's IED (Improvised Explosive Device) budget by 45%. When asked about the cuts, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Director, Janet Napolitano refused to give ANY valid reasons for it nor for the government stockpiling 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition - creating an ammo shortage.

Obama's narrative on terrorism has proven tragically to be literally DEAD WRONG! You can't kill ALL our enemies using drones. We have enemies here in the USA. Some came here ILLEGALLY across our porous borders, while it (seems clear now) others did not.

We need to bring EXTREME PRESSURE on the White House for ALL the details regarding these two TERRORISTS. Who trained them, why did they do this act, are there others in THIS PLOT that haven't been caught? What links to other countries are there?

Don't let this turn-out to be ANOTHER BENGHAZI! Obama promised Americans that we would capture the Benghazi assassins and punish them. Months later, we haven't and we know little because eye witnesses have not been silenced by this administration.


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