Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Immigration Bill Is Bogus

Former US Senator Jim DeMint says "that if citizens actually read the immigration reform bill, it would be blocked." The bill is not being presented honestly. The so-called Gang of Eight are leaving out the important details in order to get people to support it. This is just what they did to pass ObamaCare.

Among the Gang of Eight is turncoat Marco Rubio. He used to support Conservative values but has sold his sole to the PROGRESSIVES in Congress. You can no longer trust him or what he says. This bill gives AMNESTY before giving ANY consideration to closing the borders. They don't tell you that. This has caused a new influx of ILLEGALS crossing our borders daily. They have heard that they will get AMNESTY and are crossing in created numbers to get the "Free Ride" being offered.

Here are the names of the Senators whom you can NO LONGER TRUST as protectors of the Constitution or the laws of the land:

  • John McCain (RINO, AZ)
  • Lindsey Graham (RINO, SC)
  • Marco Rubio (RINO, FL)
  • Jeff Flake (RINO, AZ)
  • Chuck Schumer (D, NY)
  • Dick Durbin (D, IL)
  • Bob Menendez (D, NJ)
  • Michael Bennet (D, CO)

If any of these eight Senators represent YOUR state, you should consider them as TRAITORS. Tell them they have lost YOUR support in their next re-election!


  1. So if I disagree with you, you start calling me names. Gee, you left out "Racist." How come? Great LOGIC, proving you have no facts to back up YOUR views!