Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reloaders Beware

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D, NJ) has introduced legislation (S. 792 the Explosive Materials Background Check Act) that regulates the sale and use of black power and gun powder. The new bill re-defines what a manufacturer is and classifies all those who reload for sporting/hunting as "manufacturers." So if you are a manufacturer, you will be required to purchase a "License" in order to comply with this law. This license will also be required to "Store" these materials. The law limits how much anyone can have in their possession at any given time.

The law also impinges on those who use Tannerite. Tannerite is a substance that is made as two separate powders and sold legally. When the two powders are mixed, they become an explosive. The new law makes mixing them ILLEGAL without a license.

The law restricts the numbers of people who can apply for the new license. It allows the government to ban the sale to anyone for ANY reason. Once denied, this remains in affect forever. There is no recourse.

This proposed law does violate the Second Amendment. It places undue restrictions on law-abiding citizens and removes yet more freedoms.

Action To Take
Tell your US Senators to vote "NO" on S.792.

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