Saturday, May 11, 2013

IRS Intimidation Uncovered

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admits that they deliberately singled-out Conservative over 75 political groups for robust audits. You know, audits that make you sweat telling you that you owe the government money, or challenging your paperwork. They did these attacks during the 2012 election. They wanted to "verify" that these groups were NOT violating their tax-exempt status. REALLY? Wasn't it more like to threaten these organizations instead? No organization's tax status was revoked after these "audits." This was an act of pure government intimidation.

They selected dozens of organizations using the following criteria. If their name contained the words "Patriot," or "Tea Party," they were targeted. Nice huh? Many were asked for their lists of donors. This act alone violates the law. Why would the IRS need that information? Answer: So they could likewise pressure, inconvenience, and intimidate those on the lists provided.

Of course, the White House claims no knowledge of these acts. Yeah, Right! They never do take the blame. The government's response was that the IRS apologized. Somehow that just doesn't cut it now does it? This is just another DIRTY political trick being used by the Obama administration to "punish" his political opponents. More evidence that THIS government is getting too big and abusing its powers. The government "thinks" it's OK to DISCRIMINATE!

Action To Take
Those responsible belong in JAIL. Don't tolerate Obama's lame excuses for ILLEGAL government behavior. Demand Congress investigate these ILLEGAL actions and prosecute those involved! The lies are bad enough but this has got to stop.

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