Thursday, May 23, 2013

We're Here From The Government

When the soldiers come knocking at your door, it's too late. If you protest, you will probably never be seen again. Is that what it takes to wake-up a sleeping America? People being interviewed on the streets of New York or elsewhere, don't know much about ANYTHING going on in our government. Some replied that they "don't keep up with current events like they should." Many had no idea that the IRS had broken ANY laws. Few knew that the Obama administration snooped ILLEGALLY into phone records of reporters and their respective families. Few know where Benghazi is or what happened there.

Meanwhile, their government is being bombarded with scandal after scandal. The corruption and lies being perpetrated by ALL top officials just isn't getting through to the average citizen. Today's population remains UNAWARE of the government's "talk to my hand" attitude. Are these citizens living in a cave or under a rock? How can the average "Joe" miss NOT hearing about the scandals of the Obama administration or the corruption in our government?

How can we get through to the "Dumbed-Down" Americans? Is there any hope? Maybe someone should invent a new computer game that shows the collapse of a corrupt government. That way the "Gear Heads" might see the connection. Let's face it, people spend way too much time with their electronic devices. Somehow we have to try and get their attention because the very fabric of our nation is at risk.

Benefit of the Doubt
It's not that people don't care, it's that they just are TOO IGNORANT to understand that we are under attack from our own government. (Perhaps a little naive also). They don't believe that the once strongest nation in the world could ever be destroyed from within. It's hard to believe - even when it's taking place in front of your eyes. People are too busy living their lives to notice the world in which they live and how much it's changing. No one sees the "Big Picture" any more. No one sees the striking similarities with history and totalitarian dictatorships emerging here in America.

Should we just capitulate and run-up the White Flag? NOT ME!!

Any suggestions?

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