Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm Sorry Doesn't Cut It

When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) apologizes for breaking the law, that just doesn't cut it. Does an apology work for you when YOU break the law?   How can the IRS ever be trusted to enforce the tax laws ever again when they are lawbreakers themselves? They cannot!

To add insult to injury, the person who was in charge during the time frame that the abuses took place just received a promotion. Ms. Ingram is now in charge of enforcing ObamaCare taxation. Isn't that nice? She should be investigated and in the very least - FIRED for breaking the discrimination laws.

Over the past few days we learned beyond doubt that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder both knew about the IRS discrimination that was going on as early as June 2012. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal. They knew during the Obama campaign for re-election. What a coincidence. These facts tell us that both Obama and holder are LIARS to the American public and to Congress. Holder has perjured himself while Obama LIED while NOT under oath. They both lack integrity or honesty.

Why should we trust either of them? This whole administration denies any malfeasance or wrong doing. They are either the biggest bunch of IDIOTS in charge or they are all CRIMINALS and should be prosecuted.

When you hear their lame excuses of why they are not accountable, you almost have to laugh because they are so unbelievable. If you have kids, you know when they are lying because they give such awful excuses - just like the Obama administration.

Obama's legacy will become the Big Overstuffed Government of Clowns and Liars.

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